The twins Audrey & Diane Pleynet: piano duo, composers and arrangers.

  Their musical debut

After playing their first notes on the keyboard with their father, Audrey & Diane became pupils of piano teacher Andrew Bader from Barr, in Alsace. They won the "1ère médaille du degré préparatoire ascendant" in a national competition "Les tournois du royaume de la musique" organized by the French radio. They then studied in Françoise Claustre's class at the National Conservatory in Strasbourg.

The Pleynet twins won the "FR3 Alsace Prize", at a competition for pianists on a live TV show on France 3 Alsace, and a special prize, the "Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra Prize" presented by Master Theodor Guschlbauer, president of the jury. They went on to win the "Steinway & Sons" prize for a duet, at the International piano Steinway & Sons competition in Berlin,

Audrey & Diane Pleynet were also winners of a national competition La Française des jeux’s "Working Life Award".

                                           Student life

The Pleynet twins won places at the Staatliche Musikhochschule in Karlsruhe, Germany. They studied under the guidance of Prof. Günter Reinhold and Prof. Peter Feuchtwanger, two distinguished piano teachers. Audrey & Diane Pleynet both obtained their university degrees, with merit.

Whilst still students, they were invited to perform on two pianos at the Konzerthaus Karlsruhe for the "Night of the Piano" gala celebrating the 25th anniversary of the nationalization of the Staatliche Musikhochschule in Karlsruhe.

During their musical training, they attended several master classes in France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Their meeting with Guy Saint-Clair, pianist and composer, has expanded their musical horizons, and awakens in them the desire to create, one day, too, a new wind of music. 

                      Concerts for two pianos and orchestra

Audrey & Diane were invited to take part in a tour of Alsace, with the "Tempo" Youth Orchestra of Toulouse, directed by Marc Ursula, a tour during which they also gave a concert at, Strasbourg’s Elsau prison. The twins were also invited to perform with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Strasbourg (conducted by Pascal Rophé) in the Erasmus Hall of the Palais des Congrès et de la musique in Strasbourg.

Television appearances for two pianos and orchestra beneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris...
In 2000, a meeting with Daniel Patte, producer of the Telethon on France 2, was crucial for the twins: despite several years of absence from the stage, Daniel Patte allowed them to play for both evenings of the 2000 Telethon on TV, 2 pianos and orchestra, live from the Eiffel Tower in Paris.Their performances were a great success.

Accompanied by a team of reporters from the programme "Envoyé spécial" (Special Investigator) on France 2, in April 2001 they were fortunate enough to meet André Gagnon in Montreal, Quebec and to be allowed to play some of his works for him.

Audrey & Diane Pleynet were once again invited to perform live, 2 pianos and orchestra, for the next televised editions of the Telethon at the Grande Halle of the Villette in Paris conducted by Marc Goldfeder and, later, on the lawns of Reuilly in Paris conducted by Patrice Peyriéras.

This period included television coverage of their performances in France, Canada and Japan.


                                     The twins started to compose

The Pleynet twins were invited to perform at a musical evening held at the Invalides in Paris, organized by Paolo Fazioli.

In 2007, they also took part in the spring tour of the Sélestat Chamber Orchestra conducted by Bruno Soucaille, a tour in which Audrey & Diane Pleynet performed some of their own compositions for two pianos and orchestra.

In 2007, Audrey and Diane then had the honour of taking part, on two pianos, in the opening concert of the International Piano Festival "Piano Pic" in the Pyrenees and in Autumn, they were invited to perform at the Festival “Autumn Shows and Concerts” in the Hautes-Pyrenées region.


Trophy "Super Winners 2009", documentary film with the film-director Nils Tavernier, and Corporate Foundation Banque Populaire's Laureate.

In June 2009, the Pleynet twins had the honour to be elected "Super Winners 2009" at the annual gala evening organized by the Association "Tout feu tout femme" (Women in action).

On this occasion, Audrey & Diane Pleynet were awarded the trophy by the Midi-Pyrenées Regional Council.

Audrey & Diane Pleynet appeared in a documentary "Le mystère des jumeaux" (The Mystery of Twins) produced by Nils Tavernier, which was broadcast in October 2009 on France 2 based on the book "Le mystère des jumeaux” (The Mystery of Twins) by Marie-Noëlle Himbert, Perrin publishers, April 2009.

In 2010, the twins Pleynet are promoted Corporate Foundation Banque Populaire Laureate.
In 2013, they are invited to perform in Halle aux Grains de Toulouse for the 20th anniversary of the Corporate Foundation Banque Populaire.
First concert in Japan...
The twins Audrey & Diane Pleynet have given a sold-out concert in Tokyo.